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Business Tax Preparation

Preparation and e-file of your business taxes is our top priority. Whether you are a partnership, corporation or self-employed, we can help. For years we have been providing affordable and knowledgeable tax prep services to the business community. You might say we are a best practice tax advisor.

Contact us for a free no obligation quote on your tax work. When you call, we will ask relevant questions and review prior year tax filings. From there we can provide you with a quote for service that is both fair and reasonable. Your commercial tax filing is safe in our hands.


Business Taxes Made Simple

You work hard to keep your business running. This includes invoicing, paying bills and working with your customers, vendors, and lenders. With everything your life involves, why would you spend time filing your own taxes? Especially when one mistake could cost you hundreds or thousands, in taxes you shouldn’t be paying. The reality is that every year many small business owners overpay their taxes.

Our office has filed hundreds of amended tax returns for clients that bring us their self-prepared prior year filings. And in doing so we have found changes of tens of thousands of dollars. Here are a few facts when it comes to self-prepared returns:

  1. Paper filed returns have a twenty (20) times higher rate of containing errors than those that are e-filed.
  2. Paper filed returns have a much higher audit rate due to errors and missed items.
  3. Free file online options often contain coding and database errors that lead to you paying more.
  4. Many tax software programs contain bugs, viruses or malware that cause returns to routinely be rejected by the IRS e-file system.
  5. The average person simply does not have the knowledge to catch costly errors in their tax filings.
  6. Just this year computer programs at H & R Block and Intuit Turbo Tax routed stimulus payments to their own banks and not the individuals who deserved them.

When you consider all the problems you can encounter by self-preparing, why would you take the risk?

Your Solution

There is a better way. Per IRS Comprehensive Taxpayer Attitude Survey, tax professionals are preferred by taxpayers (88%). In a vote of confidence, taxpayers find tax pros as the most trusted source of tax advice. Outpacing IRS material and representatives. With this knowledge in hand, you can count on us to be that trusted advisor. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure you have a smooth tax season experience.

New clients receive a free initial consultation

We will review your prior year return prepared elsewhere to look for mistakes and errors, at no cost.

Prepare your return and have a second review process to ensure accuracy at every level.

We offer e-file to produce the quickest tax refund possible

If you prefer to paper file, it’s no problem. The choice is yours.

Your business tax preparation question comes down to one of confidence. Are you confident that your current provider, or software, is capable? If the answer is no, please give us a call. or contact us with the form below. We will do everything we can to listen to your concerns and work with you through the web called the US tax code. We also offer a variety of other accounting services, please check them out.

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