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The Accounting Process

Accounting is not a passive game. We are alert to trends, have an inquisitive attitude and are proactive in methods to help you succeed. We call our approach, tactical accounting. It is this mindset that keeps your company ahead of the pack. When you enlist our help, you will receive top-notch service from experienced pros.
Financial regulations are changing with an increased frequency every day. Stay ahead by enlisting our help. Whether you’re a new start-up, an established entrepreneur or a large area company, we can help. You’ll make decisions faster, better and with a greater degree of accuracy. Your time is money. The less time you spend on “the books”, the more you have to grow your business.
The one thing every business should have is a strong starting point. We will provide you with a solid foundational platform that your company can excel from. This will reduce time demands on you, as well as keep you current and compliant with regulations. Our general accounting solutions include some of the following offerings and more.

Bank Support

By staying up to date on banking, we can help you:
Discover lost checks, deposits and unapproved transactions/charges.
Prevent potential fraud by being your firewall between employees and your money
Give you a better idea of what you’re making and how much of it you’re holding onto.
Manage your cash flow to lessen the use of credit and high-interest financing.

Financial Statement Preparation

The monthly income statements can help you:
Follow revenue and expense flows to better adjust your performance
Find areas where over-spending and waste are occurring.
Track excessive spending increases in the cell bill, waste disposal and more
Locate increases in product costs or returns that are unusual.
Stay ahead of tax liability with proper tracking.
Monthly balance sheets can help you:
Understand your company’s financial strengths and weaknesses
Control over your billing and payment cycles to increase cash flow
Identify areas where your business has expansion prospects
Analyze trends in your financial cash inflows and outflows
Test if you need to make quick changes to conserve cash

General Ledger Maintenance

The general ledger controls the core of your accounting processes. If it’s up to date and clean, you can review every aspect of your fiscal health. If it’s not, your financial statements will be unusable. Flawed data creates problems. Quite often these flaws go unnoticed but cause underlying errors. This type of information will leave you lost. Stay in the know with a regular check-up of your general ledger.
We offer many more accounting services for businesses large and small. We welcome all inquiries and look forward to serving your needs. Please call, email or fill out our contact form today. We will provide you with a free consult on your business needs.

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