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Running a small business is challenging enough, leave the accounting and tax work to us. The CPA firm of Diane B. Rohde CPA PLLC is a full-service tax preparation and accounting provider. We have the tools to help you track expenses, monitor cash flow, and free up your time.

No matter what accounting services your operation needs to thrive, we present a sensible approach with a superior level of personal attention and reliability. We proudly offer income tax preparation and tax consulting for business and individuals. Call today, your initial consultation is free. To see how we can help, consider the following.


The Problem

Do you often feel lost or confused after meeting with your tax and accounting expert? Quite often, CPA’s and accountants do not speak in terms you understand. This can leave you frustrated and confused. You may not ask questions because you’re embarrassed by your lack of financial experience. Or worse, you avoid future appointments altogether. In the end, your family’s financial future suffers from a lack of attention.

Your CPA Solution

This does not serve your needs. Our firm takes a completely different approach to client contact. When it comes to tax advice, business consulting or any other matter, we will take the time to listen and explain in terms you understand. Our staff has decades of experience in client relations and interpersonal skills. These traits will help you gain knowledge and empower your future decisions. You will never be uneasy about returning for advice.

Contact us today through one of the on-screen links or call (603) 536-1557. We’re sure that after meeting our staff you will become a long-term client. Also, your initial consultation is free and enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere.

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